Humboldt State University Poster Designs

Humboldt State University Poster Proposals for 2016

We started an exciting new collaboration in 2016 with the Advanced Illustration Students at Humboldt State University for poster and t-shirt designs for the Arcata Bay Oyster Festival.

The project was presented to students as an optional assignment for credit, offering students a client-based opportunity to develop images for posters, T-shirts, and merchandise for the festival. Nine students participated, submitting 11 designs.

Many designs ended up being very popular, making choosing just one very difficult. Input was received during Arcata Main Street’s Oyster Fest Kick-Off/Office Opening party, during Arts! Arcata, and later on Facebook.

Ultimately, Jacqui Langeland’s design was chosen as the signature image for the 2016 Oyster Festival. The elegance, versatility, naturalness, and feedback we’ve gotten about this design helped us finally make a choice. Posters, T-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, and more are being developed with this artwork.

We hope to produce additional posters and merchandise featuring the art of this talented group of  artists.

Special thanks to students Jacqui Langeland, Amanda Freemantle, Sadie Finney, Travis Nguyen, Julia Rodriguez, Becca Baldwin, Marie Campfield, Clarissa Maria King, and Claire Stephenson for their time and talent with the proposals, and Art Professor Brandice Guerra for her role as art director, mentor, and client representative.

“I think this was a great experience for the student illustrators,” said Guerra. “Those who participated were super excited about the opportunity and remained engaged throughout the project. It gave them a taste of what it’s like to be part of a real design process where they have to collaborate with an art director. It also allowed them to get feedback from someone outside of our classroom, which is a very valuable experience for them.”

The 11 “proposals” are shown below; titles, fonts and copy are just samples.

Jacqui Langeland:

Jacqui Langeland


Julia Rodriguez:

Julia Rodriguez


Travis Nguyen:


Sadie Finney:


Amanda Freemantle:


Clarissa Maria King:


Jacqui Langeland:


Becca Baldwin:


Becca Baldwin:


Marie Campfield:


Claire Stephenson: