We will proudly feature world-class, award-winning, locally-crafted beer, wine and cider on 3 sides of the Plaza for Oyster Fest 2016.

A limited number of Klean Kanteen steel cups, co-sponsored by North Coast Horticulture Supply, and steel steins, will be available for purchase at the Merch booth, to be filled in a separate line at all locations.

Tokens are available at the corners of 8th & G St, and 9th & H St. We strickly enforce 21+ older at the festival. $2.00 wristbands are required, and can be purchased at the token booths or while you stand in line for the token booths.


Beer taps will flow smoothly and efficiently with our much improved system this year, and will be open from 11am until 4:30pm, with last call at 4:00pm. The festival will be open from 10am until 5:30pm. 

$5 token for a 14 oz beer


Humboldt County is home to several distinct and delicious wines, many utilizing grapes cultivated from our own fertile soils. Enjoy perfect pairings with the food you will find throughout the Plaza. Wine booths will be on the west, north, and east sides of the Plaza. $5 token for a 5 ounce pour. 

The Humboldt Wine Association

Humboldt Wine Association is a non-profit organization that is “Committed to the continued improvement of the quality and reputation of our products by working together as a cohesive team for the betterment of the Humboldt wine industry.”.

Find the HWA on the East and North sides of the Plaza, pouring wines from the following wineries:

Humboldt County Grown Wines: Quality Assured

On the west side of the Plaza you’ll find wines made from locally grown grapes:



Find water and hydration stations throughout the Plaza, thanks to Arcata's New World Water, on 18th St. Beer and wine booths, plus other spots, will have purified water to refill your glasses and your own non-glass containers from home!