Oyster Festival Applications and Forms

Food Vendor Information and Application

Applications for June 17, 2017 Oyster Festival are now being accepted online. Please scroll through the FOOD VENDOR application below to complete your application. This is our first year with online applications, please call or email if you have questions or comments.


Oyster Fest "Vendor Application"   (an alternative to applying online) Print and mail with your check and appropriate additional forms

Additional Forms, once you are accepted:

  • Arcata Business License Booth Application (if you don’t already have an Arcata Business License; apply through us, not the City)
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance naming Arcata Downtown Business Community as additional insured. (single day certificates can be obtained at www.galescreek.com)
  • Temporary Food Facility Permit and Application - After you are accepted as an Oyster Fest Vendor, you need to apply for your TFF Permit. We will send them your name, and you will apply directly to them - do not send application or money to us. They will send your approved permit to us when it is completed.
    • To avoid late fees, summit your TFF Permit Application, with payment, at least 10 business days before the event, not counting weekends or holidays.  Postmarked, emailed, or faxed, by this day counts also.
    • Current consumer protection food fees are available here
    • All applications must include payment.  You can now pay online at Official Payments for Environmental Health, Humboldt County, CA.  Official Payments charges for their service, this is not a county charge.  >> When payment is made by credit card the confirmation number, amount paid, and date paid should always be included on the application being submitted.  Veteran Exemption is possible on food booths through our office under specific requirements.
    • The last page of the application is for vendors; it doesn't need to be printed.
  • Arcata Fire info and checklist (2 pages)