2016 Arcata Oyster Fest Map

2016 Map


On the Plaza:

1. Humbrews

2-4. Bear River Casino

5. Up & Under Pub


7. KHUM Live

8-9. El Pueblo Market

10. Pizza Gago

11-12. WINE: Humboldt Wine Association

13-14. BEER: PacOut Green Team/North Star Quest Camp

15. Tomo Japanese Restaurant


17. Sushi Spot

18-19. MERCH Gift Shop


21. INFORMATION / Festival Headquarters

22-23. Folie Douce

24. Annie’s Cambodian

25. WINE: Humboldt Wine Association

26-28. BEER: Humboldt Roller Derby

29-30. Humboldt Made

31-32. Eureka High Cheer

33. Adrianna’s Mexican

34. Osprey Oyster House

35. Arcata Chamber of Commerce

36. Mazzotti’s

37. Smiling Oyster Lady

38-39. Coast Seafoods

40-41. Mad River Union

42. Dunk a Librarian

43. Humboldt Smokehouse / Eureka High Volleyball

44. Outlaw Kitchen

45. Humboldt Hotsauce

46. WINE: Humboldt County Grown

47-49. BEER: Sunrise Rotary of Arcata

50-51. Fire Brothers BBQ

52. Humboldt Bay Bistro

53-54. Hog Island Oyster Co.

55-56. Humboldt Bay Oyster Co.


Art Market:

Big Bang Visuals

Driftwood Designs

Emerald Caravan

FX Dressed

Knitty Kitty

Mi Distinctive Tastes

Pine Top Brand

P.J. Mann

Ron Peterson Jewelry


Star Kissed Jewelry

Wild Oak


FLUPSY (Kids Area)

Matthew Scott’s Balloon Art

Playhouse Arts Giant Puppets & The Pink Polka Dot Pony

Waxtivities – Wax Hands and Flowers

Community Pride & Peace - Games and Activities

Sprinkles Concessions

Humboldt Creamery FREE Ice Cream

T-Shirt Coloring with Arcata Main Street

Changing Tides

Greenway Community Playground

Arcata Dog Park/Humboldt Pet Supply


"Mobile Vendors," on H Street, at the corner of 8th:

Carmela's Mexican Food

A Touch of Aggie

and The Center for Renewable Energy