My Favorite Lecture - Climate Change

This is a recording session of KHSU's interdisciplinary lecture series.

My Favorite Lecture events are usually standing-room only. The episode will air about two weeks after this recording session. Doors open at 6:00pm and early arrival is strongly recommended. 

Climate change has been a constant feature of the Earth since its formation 4.6 billion years ago. Although rapid global climate change is not unusual, the current warming is unprecedented. Explore what it all means during a taping of My Favorite Lecture on Wednesday, February 15th at Plaza Grill. We kick off season 2 with Climate Change: Facts, Fiction, and Forecasts. 

Lecturer Richard Boone brings a wealth of experience to the podium — he has a strong background in forest ecology, biogeochemistry, and trans-national Arctic education.

Among the impacts of climate change are sea level rise, loss of plant and animal species, increased droughts in the subtropics, the opening of the Northwest Passage, and overall threats to the welfare and sustainability of modern society. 

This talk will answer several basic but critical questions:

What is climate change?
What is the evidence for climate change?
What causes climate change?
How has climate changed in the past and how will it change in the future? and
What are the impacts of climate change?

The future of society in the face of climate change will depend on access to information, critical thinking, objectivity, political will, and the ability to sort fact from fiction. 

My Favorite Lecture is an educational lecture series in which Humboldt State educators share some of their favorite material with a live community audience in downtown Arcata, California. No topic is too big or small. 

My Favorite Lecture is a collaboration with Arcata Main Street with support from Plaza Grill. Arcata Main Street restaurateurs provide a Taste Of Arcata reception before the event.

Event Date: 
February 15, 2017 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm