Agendas - Arcata Main Street


Thursday, January 21 -  Arcata Main Street Agenda

4:30 pm: Jacoby Conference Room, 4th floor

  1. Call to order. Approve minutes of 1/4/16 meeting–Vicky (5 min)

  2. Treasurer’s Report–Ed/Anna (5 min)
  3. Chamber Update–Coco (5 min)
  4. Official Toast to Nancy–Vicky (5 min)
  5. Old Business from last meeting: Karen Diemer, City Manager to attend 2/18 Board meeting; Humboldt Area Foundation grant award; meeting with Nancy Diamond; meeting with Anderson Robinson Insurance agent; Press Release for new members; Banners across G Street: Oyster, Halloween, Season of Wonder and Light already scheduled, any others?–Vicky (10 min)
  6. Nancy’s report–Semi-last words on Season of Wonder and Light, beginnings of Oyster Festival. Annual Meeting/Kick-off set for March 10th. Dan has suggested Nancy look into getting a good camera for AMS. (15 min)
  7. New Office space–Dan/Nancy (15 min). Who hasn’t seen it? Our lease here runs through 3/1/16.  6 months rent to try, then sign 2 yr. lease?  Fred Whitlock and I had a very brief conversation about looking into AMS/Chamber sharing an office. This one may be too small; but as a courtesy, we may want to inform them.
  8. Web site: Set dates for tasks. Meeting dates and agendas on website? Anna/Nancy (10 min)
  9. Setting up Main Street Committees–Vicky (15 min).  I participated in a CA Main Street webinar last week.  I found it very helpful. The new idea is to have projects that work across committees, which is really how we work here in Arcata. The webinar is now available on the CA Main Street website: It is free and takes about 30 minutes. You can also reach the CA Main Street Director, on
  10. Set up committees with meeting dates. Each committee to have two Board Members, one as Chair: Organization, Promotion, Design, Economic Vitality–Amanda plus 1 other Board Member.

Thursday, January 7 - Arcata Main Street Agenda

  1. Call to order. Approve minutes of 12/3 meeting–Vicky (5 min)

  2. Treasurer’s report–Ed/Anna (5 min)
  3. Introduce Susan Ornelas, our new City Council liaison—Vicky (5 min)
  4. Report on Season of Wonder and Light–Nancy (15-20 min)
  5. CPP meeting 1/11/16 at Community Center, 6 pm. Report on AMS insurance coverage for CPP. Vicky to set up meeting with Anderson Robinson agent for explanation of liability policy for all AMS events. Vicky/Nancy  (5 min)
  6. Sign Nancy’s contract–Vicky/Nancy (5 min)
  7. Nancy attending CA Main Street convention 2/24-2/26. Have we worked out all the necessary details, per diem, rental car, etc.? Vicky (5 min)
  8. Start planning 2016 Oyster Festival. Set date. Vicky/Nancy (10 min)
  9. Oyster Kick-off/ Annual Meeting in February. Set date, start planning. Vicky/Nancy (10 min)
  10. Set date for Karen Deimer, Arcata City Manager, to attend AMS Meeting. Do we want to invite our membership? Vicky (5 min)
  11. On going issues: Non Profit Attorney–Vicky (5 min). Press release for new board members–Anna (5 min).  Setting up MainStreet committees–Vicky (5 min).
  12. Other business?

Thursday, December 3 - Arcata Main Street Agenda

  1. Call to order, approval of minutes from meeting 11/19/15.
  2. Guest from CPP to ask for coverage under our liability policy for a steel band to play on the Plaza during Dec. Arts Arcata. They may not need coverage, but I am willing to consider it to see how it goes–Nancy, CPP (10 min)
  3. Nancy’s report:
    • Thursday Night Talk (10 min)
    • Season of Wonder and Light (10 min)
  4. Ed is our temporary Treasurer, how shall we proceed? Do we have someone who would like to take on the job? Vicky (10 min)
  5. We have paid for a banner on G St to run 12/14-12/28, which means the City needs it by 12/10 at the latest.  Any ideas on the banner?  Nancy, David (10min)
  6. Approve Nancy’s flight and expenses to Oceanside for Annual CA Main Street meeting–Vicky, Nancy (15 min)
  7. Sandy Scott’s Going Away Party at Plaza View Room 5-8 PM on Tuesday, 12/15–Vicky (5 min)
  8. Liaison to Chamber Board Meetings/3rd Wed. of month/ 7:30 am.  Anyone interested?
  9. How shall we go about getting 2 more Board members?  Anna’s press release? Call a meeting of our Advisory Committee? I would like to have a plan to work on by January–Vicky (10 min) Still on the lookout for an attorney…
  10. Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 12/17. I t may be hard for me to make. Shall we cancel until the first of the year, 1/7/16? Vicky (5 min)
  11. Signing Nancy’s contract!!!! Vicky, Nancy (5 min)
  12. Any other business?

Thursday, November 19 - Arcata Main Street Agenda

  1. Approval of minutes from meeting 11/5/15, Financial Statement
  2. Introduce Coco, collect paperwork–Vicky (5 min)
  3. Nancy to appear on Thursday Night Talk.  Do we have any tips/suggestions?   Vicky (10 Min)
  4. Season of Wonder and Light Update–Nancy (20 min)
  5. How much can AMS contribute to advertising budget? We approved $1500, I propose we up this to $3,000-5,000.  Vicky (15 min)
  6. Brett’s resignation: Treasurer vacancy.  What do we want to do? I suggest we wait to start a 2 check system until we have a system in place.  At the moment, it is difficult to get bills to Andrea and checks dispersed. Do we want our new treasurer to look into a new book keeper/accountant?  Vicky (15 min)
  7. CA Main Street Annual Meeting in Oceanside late Feb, 2016.  If we want to remain a Main Street City, we need to send a delegate as Brett is resigning–Vicky (10 min)
  8. Beer at Oyster Festival–Vicky, Dan (5 min)
  9. The remainder is a closed executive session