Racial Equity: Conversation & Action for Businesses

Join other community business leaders to listen to the experiences and challenges faced by local people of color. This event will provide a conversational space for action groups to educate, address, and develop strategies on priority issues that move us toward racial equity and a more welcoming business community.

Part of the event conversation will include these topics:

  • Creating a Welcoming Business. This Action Group will look at what constitutes a welcoming business, and work on strategies to ensure that no business opportunity is lost and customer relationships and interactions are consistently positive.
  • Housing Access. This Action Group will consider the difficulties people experience in seeking housing, and pursue approaches to ensure that valuable tenants are not disregarded.
  • Community Restorative Justice. This Action Group will explore methods of cooperative and accountable approaches to repairing harm in our community.

Portuguese Hall, 1185 11th St.

Please register below.

Email racialequityarcata@gmail.com for more information.

Event Date: 
April 27, 2017 - 1:00am to 3:00am